torsdag den 12. januar 2012

Robin (Young Justice)

Woo!! I Finally started on a new cosplay!!! (actually I started this already before J-popcon 2011, but didn't finish it in time..^^''

Either way, I'm working on Robin from the Young Justice tv Series ~

lørdag den 3. september 2011

Stocking Anarchy - Final Product

So after several months of not getting anything done, I finally pulled myself together and got around to update this blog, and with that the Stocking Cosplay-situation

Mie and I had a blast at SVS-con with these cosplays and were generously praised for both choice of fabrics and execution of the cosplays themselves, so everything was a success! :D

we had a mini photoshoot at the convention, and a bunch of people gathered, so in the end we had a small audience + a guy with the OST, that was fun!
And then finally, the 13th of August, Mie visited me in my hometown and my lovely friends Sascha and Astird were so nice and agree to arrange a real photoshoot with us
More pictures can be seen here

 I still need to make a Stripe I (Stocking's Sword) but that will have to wait a bit since I am really busy with school right now.
so in stead have the video we also made on the 13th :

we had a blast! hope you like it !

torsdag den 17. marts 2011

Stocking Anarchy - The wig #2

Okay I lied, I'll show you guys the rest of the wig, since I'm sooo exited that I'm finally done with it! 
SO! Wednesday I started to finally get the balls to cut the wig.  A friend found a totally awesome tutorial for me :
but I ended up just getting inspired by it ;D tho that itself helped a lot <3

 I started by separating the pink wig into 7 pieces, as shown in the tutorial.
and then I started adding them to the blue wig as shown in the tutorial. And then I regretted it all and started over xD strating with the fringe.

I worked 'till late at night Wednesday... and ate pie Thursday <3 

gasp! all that hair


(PS sorry for the lack of text, it's late and I was lazy ;D )

torsdag den 10. februar 2011

Stocking Anarchy - The wig

The time has come, for me to reveal the most joyous of news: THE WIGS HAVE ARRIVED!!! :D :D
lovely quality, long, no damage at all.
They're both super soft and really easy to untangle and do stuff with <3 I am really satisfied with the colors, especially the babypink one, it's so pretty. too bad that's gonna be cut up D:

Them both together, lovely yes?

I wanted to take a picture with them on, but desided against it, seeing as it'd be coolest to show you guys when they're styled and stuff ^^ 
They both end at the middle of my thigh - right above my knee. wish they were a bit longer, but I know that if they were they'd be impossible to wear at a convention 

in other news: I began on the shirt and so far it's looking goooooooooddddd 8''D

mandag den 31. januar 2011

Stocking Anarchy - Lenses

I finally got my lenses this thursday, and the wigs has yet to come.

I wore the purple pair, that I ordered with the blue ones for Stocking, for 14 hours, STRAIGHT! Amazing stuff is amazing.

just some pics for you guys to see :

they look more blue irl :p 

tirsdag den 25. januar 2011

Stocking Anarchy - shopping

Yes, more shopping has been happening ;)
this time for circle lenses, wig and more fabric

the lenses are the GEO Super Nudy in blue <3 sooo looking forward to getting them.
they were shipped about a week ago, I hope I'll get them soon.. 

As for wigs it's two 1m long high quality heat resistant wigs. wanted something that just might be easier to untangle after use ^^

fine ikke?

onsdag den 12. januar 2011

Stocking Anarchy - The Skirt #2

worked for an hour or so today, just a relaxing pace making the last small decisions on the skirt.
here's what I found out:

12m tulle is enough xD and I made the skirt itself too big. nothing that can't be fixed tho, and has been fixed already.

 Haha, sorry about the feet xD 

(tulle can stand by itself. oh, they grow op so fast <3)

Okay! so the only major change I've made so far is the back of the skirt as seen above. I think the design is a bit "meh" on the backside, so I decided that it'd be appropriate to have a little pleat here, seeing as there will be a huge bow right above this. 
I will also add blondes to the 12m tulle, making the petti slightly shorter in the process, so the blondes will just peek out under the skirt. also, the skirt will be about 2-3 cm shorter than in the pics. (yes, to me it makes a difference :p ) 

What do you think about it so far? How about the small change + shape of the skirt?

NOTE: this might be the last update about the skirt, that way it'll still be a small surprise for the convention people <3