onsdag den 12. januar 2011

Stocking Anarchy - The Skirt #2

worked for an hour or so today, just a relaxing pace making the last small decisions on the skirt.
here's what I found out:

12m tulle is enough xD and I made the skirt itself too big. nothing that can't be fixed tho, and has been fixed already.

 Haha, sorry about the feet xD 

(tulle can stand by itself. oh, they grow op so fast <3)

Okay! so the only major change I've made so far is the back of the skirt as seen above. I think the design is a bit "meh" on the backside, so I decided that it'd be appropriate to have a little pleat here, seeing as there will be a huge bow right above this. 
I will also add blondes to the 12m tulle, making the petti slightly shorter in the process, so the blondes will just peek out under the skirt. also, the skirt will be about 2-3 cm shorter than in the pics. (yes, to me it makes a difference :p ) 

What do you think about it so far? How about the small change + shape of the skirt?

NOTE: this might be the last update about the skirt, that way it'll still be a small surprise for the convention people <3 

3 kommentarer:

  1. omg, hvor er den blevet flot!! : D kæft du går meget i detaljer med det x'D <3 elsker jeg når cosplayere gør, det er så dejligt når der er tanke bag tingene.. Jeg glæder mig så meget til at se mere ^_^

  2. omg it looks really good >w< I love all the small details you are doing with the pleat and lace! (I look forward to do that stuff myself in next month I hope)
    I think it looks really good, like the skirt could go down in a bell shape if is was long enough, keeping the spirit of lolita a little in the outfit 8D