torsdag den 17. marts 2011

Stocking Anarchy - The wig #2

Okay I lied, I'll show you guys the rest of the wig, since I'm sooo exited that I'm finally done with it! 
SO! Wednesday I started to finally get the balls to cut the wig.  A friend found a totally awesome tutorial for me :
but I ended up just getting inspired by it ;D tho that itself helped a lot <3

 I started by separating the pink wig into 7 pieces, as shown in the tutorial.
and then I started adding them to the blue wig as shown in the tutorial. And then I regretted it all and started over xD strating with the fringe.

I worked 'till late at night Wednesday... and ate pie Thursday <3 

gasp! all that hair


(PS sorry for the lack of text, it's late and I was lazy ;D )

3 kommentarer:

  1. Bitch please. Det er sej :D

  2. omg, that's so awesome : D looks amazing! that toturial is AWESOME

  3. OMG HOW PRETTY! *O* It looks like a professional wig~ I can't wait to see it in real life~ you be pretty awesome! xD