torsdag den 10. februar 2011

Stocking Anarchy - The wig

The time has come, for me to reveal the most joyous of news: THE WIGS HAVE ARRIVED!!! :D :D
lovely quality, long, no damage at all.
They're both super soft and really easy to untangle and do stuff with <3 I am really satisfied with the colors, especially the babypink one, it's so pretty. too bad that's gonna be cut up D:

Them both together, lovely yes?

I wanted to take a picture with them on, but desided against it, seeing as it'd be coolest to show you guys when they're styled and stuff ^^ 
They both end at the middle of my thigh - right above my knee. wish they were a bit longer, but I know that if they were they'd be impossible to wear at a convention 

in other news: I began on the shirt and so far it's looking goooooooooddddd 8''D

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