mandag den 3. januar 2011

Stocking Anarchy

A new anime was released from Ganiax in October 2010 and I instantly loved it!
The Name is "Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt"
Not just because of it's plot, but especially because of the uniqueness of it. The way the characters are drawn in this is just like Power Puff Girls (for teens)!

Therefore, of course, I instantly fell in love with the angel Stocking Anarchy, one of the protagonists of this anime, Who along with her sister, Panty Anarchy, is hunting ghosts in Daten City to return to heaven. And being me, I just couldn't help but start searching for someone to cosplay with me as Panty.

I found her: Mie Roesgaard
We will cosplay as the Anarchy sisters in their Transformed form:

Mie and I started talking about cosplaying together in the middle of December, and Today I got around to buy fabric!

I think I got some pretty matching colors. even if they're a bit off here xD 
And now: For starting the crafting! see y'all later <3

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  1. Oh woao, this is sure gonna be interresting to see live! =D But NICE!!!